Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Most Frequent Problems With Commercial Roofs

Your investment should last between 10 and 40 years, depending on the type of commercial roofing you placed. Many landowners could see that as a signal to kick back till the allotted time has passed, but don’t act so quickly! It’s important to keep in mind that the life expectancy specified in your roof literature might vary greatly depending on a number of variables. The way the roof is maintained, how it is used and misused, how well it was installed and designed, and even the weather will have an impact. Even though some of these elements are beyond your control, keeping an eye out for minor problems might help you address them before they require costly repairs.

Here are some of the most typical commercial roof issues to be on the lookout for if you haven’t recently inspected the roof of your property.

Substandard Installation

Unfortunately, many roof problems start right away because of improper installation. Working with a roofer that has experience with business properties is crucial because commercial roof installations are frequently different from residential choices. Otherwise, a bad installation could shorten the lifespan of your roof system and increase the probability of future problems.

Pooling Water

A lot of commercial roofs have a very slight slope, and some are almost flat. As a result, the process of installing a roof should consider the requirement for sufficient drainage. Otherwise, there can be a risk of clogged drains and stagnant water on these commercial rooftops. This can be a particular issue during periods of extreme weather, such as thunderstorms and strong winds, both of which can seriously damage a roof with poor drainage.

Blow-offs and Tenting

Certain commercial roof designs, particularly single-ply constructions, run the risk of tenting or blowing off. The wind may cause the roof to billow or even fly off if the roofing material does not adhere to the ground. This occurs as a result of the wind’s motion creating suction pressure on your roof’s surface. The wind may entirely blow some materials off your roof if it is not sturdy enough.

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