Our Specialties Are Not Only Limited in Doing Residential and Commercial Roofing Installation

Before you start the construction, take the time to examine the design and qualities of your roofing materials. In case you want to hear some good pieces of advice from experts, contact Cornerstone Building Associates. Use our years of experience to get a good roof and a good house. Remember, your roof protects your structure from rain, snow, heat, and even pollution. Despite this, your roofs are not really invincible against those elements. If you want to have some countermeasures against the problems, avail the services we offer in Wellesley, MA. They are the following:


asphalt roofing in Wellesley,MA

Residential and commercial roofing installation

There are ample of roofing materials sold on the market. Owners should remember that every type has unique qualities and properties. Others are heavy. Some have high resistance to corrosion. Professionals don’t simply consider these factors when making recommendations. We check the location of the building, the possible position, and design of the roof during the installation. We are fast and strategic in completing the task.

Roof repair

Don’t ignore leaks or missing shingles in your roofs. Once rainwater had entered your home, it might destroy every construction material it touches. It can reduce the market value of your building. It will also invite mold and termites. Climbing roofs can be quite dangerous. In just one wrong step, you might fall, get injured, or die.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing is easy to install, cheap, and durable. Just like other roofing materials, though, these materials have cons. They need periodic maintenance. When a problem arises, feel free to consult us for the service.

Rubber Roofing

Improper installation of rubber sheets can cause a serious future issue. Just picking the incorrect color can even affect your energy consumption. Call us to know more about the materials.

Other Services

Want to upgrade your roof? Want to make it more reliable? Indeed, why wait for the problem to arise if you could maintain the roof or strengthen its qualities. Want to know how? Professionals will show you the way.


Interested with the assistance we offer in Wellesley, MA? Contact us at (781) 214-8958. Discover what Cornerstone Building Associates has to offer.